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2022 went by like lightning! Also, the holiday card.

December 16, 2022

What a year! Theatre is fully back at HCC, and we brought it back with a bang. I directed a melodrama (The Spoilers), directed half of Gi60 Houston 2022, Costume/Prop/Makeup designed for Dance Nation, and worked Prop/Set/Paint crew (and crew supervision) for The Frogs. Of course, I also music directed Santa’s Christmas Magic the Musical, but that one was at SanJac like usual, rather than at HCC. Really, I’m just saying it was a great year for theatre.

It was also an interesting year for other reasons. One of those reasons is that a dog dug her way into my yard over Spring Break, and she’s still here. The other dog who lives in my house was not pleased for the first few months, but they get along pretty well, now. As you can see, she was slated to be the subject of one of my more stylistically typical cards, but it turns out she is fantastically difficult to draw, and I balked at the idea of trying to color the line art in the usual way. It’s hard to capture her in photography as well (she does not stay still), but I think this shot is just about good enough.

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope 2023 treats us all well- E.G.D.

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