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Gi60 Houston 2022 at HCC!

May 10, 2022

Friends, it is good to be back in the theatre in front of real, live audiences. We could not advertise widely because we had limited seating and needed to reserve spaces for students and family/friends of participants, but we have had two fantastic live play productions at Houston Community College so far this year! I’m a little biased, of course, because I directed one of them (a melodrama called The Spoilers, which we mounted at HCC Stafford). Moving into the summer, I am delighted to announce that we are once again hosting Gi60 Houston! Here are the details, if you are a playwright and would like to contribute:

Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) Houston! One Minute Theatre Festival 2022 – Deadline: May 23, 2022

Submission Guidelines:

Gi60 is open to everybody; all you need is an idea and an internet connection. Since its inception in 2003, Gi60 has premiered thousands of new works written by people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Please email all 1-minute play submissions to

Gi60 Houston will perform LIVE at Houston Community College Stafford Campus on July 7 & 8.

 The Guidelines:

·       Submissions must not last longer than 60 seconds.

·       IMPORTANT: Submissions should be sent in the body of your email**(see below), as well as in an attachment in RTF or Word format only: NO PDF DOCUMENTS.

·       Scripts in PDF format will not be considered

·       The Title of your play should be in the subject line of your email

·       You may submit as many one minute plays as you wish, but only one submission per email.

·       All work must be totally original and the author’s own work.

·       Include your name and address/geographic location before the title of your work.

·       Plays should not have been previously produced.

·       Please do not submit plays that have been submitted to Gi60 prior to 2022 for consideration.  

·       Entries from schools should include a teacher’s contact and the School name, as well as that of the author.

Email all submissions to:  prior to the submission deadline of May 23, 2022. 

Terms and conditions:

·       There is no submission fee, prize or payment for Gi60 participation. 

·       Copyright remains with the author.

·        Plays lasting longer than 60 seconds may not be considered.

·        The organizers may use individual plays to promote the Gi60 festival.

·        Final play selection will be announced on the Gi60 Website and Gi60 Facebook Groups.

·        Gi60 is staffed and created by professionals who are volunteers, and give their time free of charge. 

·        The organizers reserve the right to cut scripts without notification where necessary. E.g. if a play is running significantly longer than 60 seconds, we may delete some small lines if their intention is communicated elsewhere in the script.

·        Gi60 festivals are recorded and made available for viewing on the Gi60 YouTube Channel. To view past plays: Gi60 Channel YouTube

PLEASE NOTE: due to the high volume of plays we receive each year we are unable to write to individual playwrights to notify them if their play has not been selected.

**We annually receive between 700-900 submissions; by including the text of the play in the body of the email, it saves play readers time to not have to open attachments. If your play is selected, the attachments in Word/RTF make it easier for us to then share those scripts with the creative teams. 

If you are at all curious about Gi60 Houston from 2021, all you need to do is scroll down to the earlier post! Thanks, all, and I do hope you consider contributing- E.G.D.

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