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E.G.D. Haunts

My Haunts:

These are those places on the internet where I spend the most time.

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

This is my mom and dad’s informative beach/beachcombing website.  I built it, and I am still serving as webmaster, though my mom is the last-word on content and design.  I also drew the logo, and I write articles on occasion.

Open Source Shakespeare

Open Source Shakespeare is exactly what it says it is!  It’s a spectacular Shakespeare database that can locate any quote that’s floating around in your head (or alternately the complete works for your reading pleasure).

Project Gutenberg

Free literature in bulk.  Enough said.


Japanese folklore!  This page is limited (but still updating).  I’ve read everything they have and strongly approve ^_^.

Homestar Runner

I’m not entirely unconvinced this site is the reason thousands of college students make it through their day.  This site is like… the haven of the perpetual in-joke.  I’m more than a little bit fond of it, and it made for some very long late-night cartoon-watching-breaks during undergraduate finals.

The Hunger Site / Free Rice

These sites are exceptionally awesome in that they help people.  Both sites are free of charge (to you, anyway, unless you’re a sponsor), and they feed hungry people around the world.  The Hunger Site has other causes attached to the site, as well, and both sites are very worth your while.


My Online Stuff (old and new):

The Kinlea Keeper Story Society
This is the website for the For Keeps series of novels.  I wrote the novels, Drollerie Press published them, and I built the website.  Enjoy!

Black Box Black Blocks

This is the website of a theatre and dance festival that ate my life (I created/produced it, directed, danced, ran the paint crew, operated the light board, submitted a play that was accepted and performed, and urm… did pretty much everything, at least in part.  Heck, I even sold tickets and built the website!) for just about all of the spring 2009 semester, and then it came back and ate all the other bits of me that summer.  It was intense.  I did it again in 2010.  I am doing it again in 2011.  Come join us!  It’s fun, honest…

JET Coaster

This is the myspace site of the band I was in for a couple of years in Japan.  The band scattered to the winds in 2007 and broke up in 2008 for the practical reason that even *I* am not living in Japan any longer.

DokodemoElisa at DeviantArt

My little-used DeviantArt account.

Ai no Yasha: Love’s Demons

A webcomic I started in my early college days when I was still insane…er.  Insaner.  Anyway, it’s based on a radio play I wrote for my high school garage-idol-singer-group (also Ai no Yasha) so that we could be like Weiss Kreutz (an old-school Japanese band I was obsessed with at the time that recorded a series of audio dramas).  It is hibernating until the time at which I have time to poke at it again… it has been hibernating for several years now.  I’ll get back to it eventually >_>

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