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Time Slip!

April 25, 2011

Wow, it’s been too long since I have updated this site!  Since last time, the second season of Black Box was a great success, I composed and performed a violin score for a production of Hamlet (in which I also played the part of Osric), and I trained for and performed in a Kabuki play called The Vengeful Sword.  Now, I will shortly be graduating with an MFA in Asian Theatre!  Also, the third season of Black Box is underway, and the selection process is going pretty well.

Perhaps most importantly (because you can still make it if you want to come!), I will be performing the role of the Wolf in a production of Little Red Riding Hood at the Earle Ernst Lab on May 3ed at 6:00 PM and May 4th at 4:00 PM.  It is a free show, and we’d all be happy to see you there!  Also, several other one-act plays (all fused with Asian theatrical elements) will be happening as part of the same program, and they are likely to be a lot of fun.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the site- EGD

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