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May is a Big Month (so is June)

April 17, 2010

May is fast approaching, and it will be a very busy month in the life of one E.G.D.  First of all, I am very deeply involved in the Brecht in/and Asia Conference 2010, which is taking place at UHM this May, and I am also participating in Coyote Con and May WriMo (sponsored by Drollerie Press, which publishes two of my novels).  I’m also in the thick of the middle-stages of organizing the second annual Black Box Black Blocks theatre and dance festival of new short works, which will open in June.    With luck, I’ll be able to strike a nice balance between theatre and fiction writing this late-spring.  Anyhow, many of these things are free and open to the public!  Please, by all means, swing by and check out the bits you may find interesting.  Thanks always- EGD

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