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School is Back with a Bang!

August 23, 2015

Woooooosh! That’s the sound of my summer zooming past me and careening into the fall semester. I was fortunate in having the max course load for an adjunct professor at Lone Star College Atascocita Center this summer, and Mad Science filled in the gaps, so my summer was quite busy. Now, it’s back to the regular school year after only a week of being down to one job plus curriculum building and staff meetings (I called it summer vacation ^_^). It’s looking to be a red letter semester, as far as enrollment is concerned. As of right now, I have well over a hundred students between the six class units I’ll be teaching at Lone Star and San Jacinto. At San Jacinto Central, we’re starting right into the rehearsal process for Spamalot with open auditions Tuesday 8/25 and Wednesday 8/26, and I will again be serving as the music director.  That’s going to be a rip-roaring romp of a show with a gigantic cast, and the show is jam-packed with song and dance numbers, so it’ll be an awesome and challenging artistic project.

In other news, my younger sister the professional flutist has moved into my largest spare room with her two tiny pooches and her gigantic collection of flute music (seriously, she has boxes and boxes and boxes of it), and she’s looking into starting up a flute studio, so if anyone out there on the east side of the Houston metropolitan area is looking for a really stellar teacher for private flute lessons who has an amazing history of professional symphony and ensemble experience, let me know.

Can anyone out there believe that it’s time for the fall semester already?  Man, time sure does fly.  Keep an eye out here for updates on Spamalot, this year’s Ren Fest costume project, and much more.  WOOOOOSH! -E.G.D.

Serving a Purpose!

April 9, 2015

Just yesterday, I had a delightful conversation with a woman who was thinking about taking one of my classes at LSC-AC.  She said, in a nutshell, that I wasn’t on Rate My Professor, but she’d gone looking for me and wandered onto this website.  She is probably going to register for the class in the Fall.

This may seem strange for some readers, but this is my professional website.  As an artist with multiple jobs and several different varieties of freelancing on my plate, I can take a good many liberties in what I call professional for the purposes of this site.  At “Worlds of Words,” I like to post only about things I do that pertain directly to my artistic skills or that have to do with events in which I have played an artistic role.  In practical application, this means that I have a fantastic mish-mosh of graphic art, theatrical event notices, music composition, costume design photos, fiction publication notices, and rambling discussions of my teaching schedules and rehearsal processes.  I may or may not be trying to reach too many different professional audiences here.

However, I feel I must be doing something right, because a Lone Star student found me, liked my Ren Fest costume designs, and is now probably going to take one of my classes.

Mission accomplished!  And hey, while we’re at it, is anyone looking for the services of an actor/director/designer/writer/musician/composer/martial artist/graphic and website designer/theatre professor who is also a certified barista and is trained in scuba diving and multiple forms of international dance?  Never hurts to ask- E.G.D.

Night Vale Prop Project

April 9, 2015

As anyone who wanders onto my site is likely to figure out very quickly: I pounce on nearly any opportunity to design and build a costume.  Well, one of my friends purchased tickets to a live performance of Welcome to Night Vale here in town, and he gave me one for my birthday (yes, way back in January).  The performance is this Friday night, and I am going in costume as an agent from a “vague, yet menacing government agency” (anyone who listens to Night Vale knows what I’m talking about ^_^).  The only really complicated bit I decided I wanted for this costume design was the prop badge, and I think it turned out quite well, so I decided to share it with the world:


I couldn’t get the lighting for the picture right because the badge is metallic, and I must say it looks better in person, but this picture is a close enough representation of the piece.  I made the badge out of a toy that I purchased at the Dollar Tree with epoxy jewelry clay and silver and black sharpie markers.  Trust me, those of you who aren’t Night Vale fans, the campiness of the certification ID at the top is intended and appropriate, as are the creepy eyes I drew in the little stars.  I’ll get some pictures of me in the full costume tomorrow night!  I expect I’ll even be recognized for once ^_^.  Bwahahaha- E.G.D.

Update 4/13: F. Travis Riley took these, with the exception of the one he’s in, which was taken by a nice lady standing outside the theatre after the show (I didn’t get her name).

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to March

March 17, 2015

I totally dropped the ball, here~!  San Jacinto College Central presented A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum last month, and I didn’t post an announcement 0_o.  Oops!  In my defense, I’ve been busy like crazy.  I’ve got 5 3-credit classes this semester (more than 70 midterms to grade last week!  With essay questions~!  It was an adventure), I bought a house (actually during the rehearsal process for A Funny Thing), I was required to take a 6-week online course about teaching online courses that ate my already scant free time for breakfast, and I’m still doing shows pretty regularly for Mad Science of Houston.

And so, WOOSH!  It’s March.  How on Earth did that happen?  I’ll try not to miss future show-notices, and I hope you’ll excuse my lapse.  Aaaand I need to run and teach a class now… WOOSH! -E.G.D.

I’m a Degree!

January 9, 2015
Image, Musical Concept, Music and Lyrics all copyright E.G.D.

Image, Musical Concept, Music and Lyrics all copyright E.G.D.

So, I spent a day rocking Finale Notepad, and I wrote the opening song for my proposed new musical.  It’s an understated solo, like “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” rather than a production number like “Belle,” “The Happiest Town in Town,” or “Little Shop of Horrors,” and I sort of went for a distant echo of “I’m Just a Bill” (the song has a similar rhythm). This is the only straight-up spoof/parody song I’m planning.


The lyrics are as follows:

Degree: (Sings)

I’m a degree.

You can bet you’ll need me

To get ahead in modern society.


High School, you get a diploma,

And sometimes that’s enough.

But in modern times

Finding the right job can be tough.


Yeah, for most people, that means GET A DEGREE!

Or maybe two or three, if you find

That you want a job using your mind.

(Light up on students in the dorm building lounge.)

Student 1: Hey, I could write novels without a degree, and you only need an Associates if you want to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. You can be a schoolteacher with just a BA and a teaching certification.

Degree: You have a valid point, but I’m afraid that if you want to be a medical doctor, a professor, a lawyer, or even an engineer or a scientist in the higher paying jobs, you’re going to need at least two degrees, and even if you have two, you’ll have a hard time competing with the people who have three. Employers really trust me when I tell them that someone is an expert in their field.

Student 2: Yeah, but watch out! If you list a master’s degree on an application for a lot of jobs, they’ll label you “over qualified,” and that can be a real deal breaker.

Student 1: A bachelor’s degree should be enough for me. I’m an actor.

Degree: You’re probably right. There are a good number of professions for which a Bachelor’s is useful and higher degrees aren’t really necessary. Still, more than 40% of Americans over the age of 25 have degrees. Not having at least one could really put you at a job-finding disadvantage.


I’m a degree,

And I hope you can see

That the way the cards are stacked recently


I can give you the advantage

When you try to advance.

In work, life, finance,

Come on, give yourself a chance!


You can go farther if you get a degree.

So come on, go to college. You’ll see

That with me, you’re in great company.

I know the recording quality is low (my recording equipment is in storage at the moment), but I hope you enjoy it, anyway!  I expect more is forthcoming ^_^ -E.G.D.

Rocking my Own Socks Off

January 6, 2015

I made a cool thing!  It is a cool, cool thing!  I desperately want to write this musical, now.  I claim this concept (seriously, I just stuck a flag in it.  Nobody else can have it!) What do you think?

Art by E.G.D.

Art by E.G.D.

This seriously tickles me pink, and I am totally hitting Finale Notepad A.S.A.P.  Rock on, everyone! -E.G.D.

Happy Holidays: Continuing the Crazy Card Tradition!

December 24, 2014

As most of you well know, every year I send out at least one crazy, hand-made e-card to my friends and family.  When there’s only one, it’s always at Christmas.  This year, I chewed on a number of different card topics (I actually performed in a Chanukah show for Mad Science this year that included some quite spectacular explosions, which would have made a fun card topic, and I have a TON of interesting stuff going on in my life to fuel a card like last year’s), but what cinched this year’s card for what it is was that I had a photograph taken with three of my San Jacinto College students after a production of Santa’s Christmas Magic while they were still on set and in costume.  I hadn’t used a photo in a card since the year I was in a production of Miracle on 34th Street, and it seemed high time. Without further ado:

Crazy Card 2014 (Copyright E.G.D.)

Crazy Card 2014 (Copyright E.G.D.)

Tada! To explain further: one of my major struggles as a music director for Santa’s Christmas Magic was my attempt to help the cast kick their bad pronunciation habits (it’s easy for people to slip into pronunciation laziness in songs they’ve been singing since they could produce sound!), and my response to repeat offenses was to raise my fist and cry out “FIST SHAKE!” before, once again, pointing out the problem.  Yes, I actually verbalized my physical action, and when my students opt to imitate me, that’s the gesture and phrase they almost always choose.  As you can see, for the sake of the photo, my students were in on the fist-shake action!  Anyhow, I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday season.  Incidentally, next up at San Jacinto College Central this theatrical season is Beauty and the Beast Jr.  I’ll keep you posted!

Holiday Hugs- E.G.D.


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