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Return of the Holiday E-Card!

December 19, 2019


For a proper explanation of this year’s e-card, you need only scroll down a little bit!  I designed and my student assistants and I built a parade float.  It is built of wood, foam, sheet-roofing, vinyl, burlap, PVC, about a hundred feet of Christmas lights, a discarded mic stand, quite a lot of cardboard, probably about a mile of gaff tape, a broken armchair, two rolls of spike tape, garland, scrap fabric, Christmas ornaments, house paint, and any number of other things (hardware, screws, and zip ties, for instance).  For a better look at the truck with 100% less me in the truck bed and with the lights on, please feel free to watch the slide-show in the earlier post.  Happy holidays, everyone!  Here’s to a great new year- E.G.D.

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