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The play is done, long live the play!

October 28, 2019

Well, I’m sure nobody is surprised, but we started rehearsal for Santa’s Christmas Magic the Musical at SanJac Central even before Shrek the Musical closed (it’s a lot like Mary Poppins and Santa’s Christmas Magic last year).  If any of you happen to know kids who might want to participate in a Christmas musical and who live in or near Pasadena, TX, our auditions for the children’s chorus happen on November 18 and 19, and it’s always a fun experience for everyone involved.  By then, the adult cast has been rehearsing for about a month, so the kids are brought into a nice, established play framework.

Woosh!  This semester is going by like lightning.  I’ll do my best to try to post another notice when we open Santa’s Christmas Magic the Musical, but it seems that most years I wind up doing that several days into the run.  Just to be safe, I may as well mention we open on Dec. 5.  It’ll be Dec. 5 in the blink of an eye!  -E.G.D.


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