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Happy Holidays from a Theatrical Production Specialist

December 19, 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, I do hope you are all having a fantastic holiday season!  This year’s goofy hand-made e-card is a combo of a creative commons image of a theatre I found online (the attribution link was empty, so I don’t know who created it!), a photograph of my yet-to-be-decorated Christmas tree and a pencil sketch self-portrait I colored with GIMP software.  If you’re not a theatre person, you’re probably wondering why I’m wearing black on a holiday card, and if you are a theatre person, you are probably thinking that the holly hair clip is non-regulation for techie blacks.  My big news for the holiday season is that I’ll be ringing in the new year with a new full-time job as a “theatrical production specialist” for one of the community colleges at which I’ve spent years lecturing as an adjunct professor.  Interestingly, because of school policies that are currently in place, I will no longer be allowed to teach classes at that specific school, though I’ll still be teaching a couple classes at the other schools.  Soooo, I’m a professional techie, now!  I’m really thrilled to finally have a full time job in my degree field, and I’m glad it’s a job that will still allow for a little bit of teaching (and hopefully even some serious performing) on the side.

Wishing everyone all the best for a fantastic holiday season and a great new year!  I expect it will be an adventure- E.G.D.

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