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Wild Winter Weather! Happy Holidays ^_^

December 24, 2017

ChristmasCard2017Ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t exactly been in-touch on this website, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s been a truly peculiar year here in south-coastal Texas.  We’ve had wind and water to boot, and we recently had snow that stuck on the lawn and shrubs until mid-morning!  The kids across the street had a snowball fight while I tried to take pictures of the white dust of snow on my front yard (this was the point at which I finally admitted that my camera is definitely broken, because none of them turned out very well!  I ordered a new one during the crazy internet Christmas sales).  The photo I used for the card isn’t great, but you can see that all 3 of my pineapple plants had to be moved into my screened-in porch, there’s snow through the window, and the Christmas cactus on the table is blooming ^_^.  Mission accomplished!  Sending hugs and warm holiday wishes to all- E.G.D.

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