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When in Gotham, do as the Gothamites Do!

November 3, 2016

Well, if you’ve read the first Halloween costume post, you know she’s a cop when she’s on duty.  Here’s what Elisa Arakawa, GCPD officer, does when she’s off-duty!  After all, when in Gotham…

And yeah, I know this is getting repetitive, but there are two more that I recorded outside in a different lighting situation, for those of you who are really curious!

Also, at least in the modern day, I seriously don’t think any of the other bat-ladies wear skirts, so that makes this costume distinct as well.  Tada!  Two part costumes for the win.  Now, I just need to finish my Renaissance Festival costume collage set, and post about the upcoming Christmas show at SanJac, and I’ll be all caught up ^_^.

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