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Deck the E-Card With Christmas Crazy!

December 25, 2015

This probably comes as no surprise, but this year’s e-card is a little weird.  I made some origami paper ornaments and took some pictures of the decorated tree and pineapple plant in my screened-in-front-porch, and this got me thinking about how peculiar it is that so many different location-related experiences have become part of my home for the holidays.  I’ve lived in Albuquerque, Tulsa, Kashiwa (Japan), London, Tatebayashi (Japan), Honolulu, and different parts of the Houston metropolitan area, and the traditions I either picked up or fabricated in these places have colored how I celebrate the season.  Soooo, I drew myself holding up a pudding with a Texas flag stuck in it, slapped it onto a card with the photo and pictures of my origami, and voila!  I didn’t take a lot of time coloring and shading the drawing, I’ll admit, but I think the overall effect isn’t bad!  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have a happy holiday, whether or not you’re physically “home” this year.  The way I figure it, I take my home for the holidays with me wherever I happen to find myself, and I think that’s probably the case for most people to some extent.- E.G.D.


Holiday E-Card 2015 (photography, origami, and art all by E.G.D.)

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