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School is Back with a Bang!

August 23, 2015

Woooooosh! That’s the sound of my summer zooming past me and careening into the fall semester. I was fortunate in having the max course load for an adjunct professor at Lone Star College Atascocita Center this summer, and Mad Science filled in the gaps, so my summer was quite busy. Now, it’s back to the regular school year after only a week of being down to one job plus curriculum building and staff meetings (I called it summer vacation ^_^). It’s looking to be a red letter semester, as far as enrollment is concerned. As of right now, I have well over a hundred students between the six class units I’ll be teaching at Lone Star and San Jacinto. At San Jacinto Central, we’re starting right into the rehearsal process for Spamalot with open auditions Tuesday 8/25 and Wednesday 8/26, and I will again be serving as the music director.  That’s going to be a rip-roaring romp of a show with a gigantic cast, and the show is jam-packed with song and dance numbers, so it’ll be an awesome and challenging artistic project.

In other news, my younger sister the professional flutist has moved into my largest spare room with her two tiny pooches and her gigantic collection of flute music (seriously, she has boxes and boxes and boxes of it), and she’s looking into starting up a flute studio, so if anyone out there on the east side of the Houston metropolitan area is looking for a really stellar teacher for private flute lessons who has an amazing history of professional symphony and ensemble experience, let me know.

Can anyone out there believe that it’s time for the fall semester already?  Man, time sure does fly.  Keep an eye out here for updates on Spamalot, this year’s Ren Fest costume project, and much more.  WOOOOOSH! -E.G.D.

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