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Night Vale Prop Project

April 9, 2015

As anyone who wanders onto my site is likely to figure out very quickly: I pounce on nearly any opportunity to design and build a costume.  Well, one of my friends purchased tickets to a live performance of Welcome to Night Vale here in town, and he gave me one for my birthday (yes, way back in January).  The performance is this Friday night, and I am going in costume as an agent from a “vague, yet menacing government agency” (anyone who listens to Night Vale knows what I’m talking about ^_^).  The only really complicated bit I decided I wanted for this costume design was the prop badge, and I think it turned out quite well, so I decided to share it with the world:


I couldn’t get the lighting for the picture right because the badge is metallic, and I must say it looks better in person, but this picture is a close enough representation of the piece.  I made the badge out of a toy that I purchased at the Dollar Tree with epoxy jewelry clay and silver and black sharpie markers.  Trust me, those of you who aren’t Night Vale fans, the campiness of the certification ID at the top is intended and appropriate, as are the creepy eyes I drew in the little stars.  I’ll get some pictures of me in the full costume tomorrow night!  I expect I’ll even be recognized for once ^_^.  Bwahahaha- E.G.D.

Update 4/13: F. Travis Riley took these, with the exception of the one he’s in, which was taken by a nice lady standing outside the theatre after the show (I didn’t get her name).

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