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I’m a Degree!

January 9, 2015
Image, Musical Concept, Music and Lyrics all copyright E.G.D.

Image, Musical Concept, Music and Lyrics all copyright E.G.D.

So, I spent a day rocking Finale Notepad, and I wrote the opening song for my proposed new musical.  It’s an understated solo, like “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” rather than a production number like “Belle,” “The Happiest Town in Town,” or “Little Shop of Horrors,” and I sort of went for a distant echo of “I’m Just a Bill” (the song has a similar rhythm). This is the only straight-up spoof/parody song I’m planning.


The lyrics are as follows:

Degree: (Sings)

I’m a degree.

You can bet you’ll need me

To get ahead in modern society.


High School, you get a diploma,

And sometimes that’s enough.

But in modern times

Finding the right job can be tough.


Yeah, for most people, that means GET A DEGREE!

Or maybe two or three, if you find

That you want a job using your mind.

(Light up on students in the dorm building lounge.)

Student 1: Hey, I could write novels without a degree, and you only need an Associates if you want to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. You can be a schoolteacher with just a BA and a teaching certification.

Degree: You have a valid point, but I’m afraid that if you want to be a medical doctor, a professor, a lawyer, or even an engineer or a scientist in the higher paying jobs, you’re going to need at least two degrees, and even if you have two, you’ll have a hard time competing with the people who have three. Employers really trust me when I tell them that someone is an expert in their field.

Student 2: Yeah, but watch out! If you list a master’s degree on an application for a lot of jobs, they’ll label you “over qualified,” and that can be a real deal breaker.

Student 1: A bachelor’s degree should be enough for me. I’m an actor.

Degree: You’re probably right. There are a good number of professions for which a Bachelor’s is useful and higher degrees aren’t really necessary. Still, more than 40% of Americans over the age of 25 have degrees. Not having at least one could really put you at a job-finding disadvantage.


I’m a degree,

And I hope you can see

That the way the cards are stacked recently


I can give you the advantage

When you try to advance.

In work, life, finance,

Come on, give yourself a chance!


You can go farther if you get a degree.

So come on, go to college. You’ll see

That with me, you’re in great company.

I know the recording quality is low (my recording equipment is in storage at the moment), but I hope you enjoy it, anyway!  I expect more is forthcoming ^_^ -E.G.D.


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