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Happy Holidays: Continuing the Crazy Card Tradition!

December 24, 2014

As most of you well know, every year I send out at least one crazy, hand-made e-card to my friends and family.  When there’s only one, it’s always at Christmas.  This year, I chewed on a number of different card topics (I actually performed in a Chanukah show for Mad Science this year that included some quite spectacular explosions, which would have made a fun card topic, and I have a TON of interesting stuff going on in my life to fuel a card like last year’s), but what cinched this year’s card for what it is was that I had a photograph taken with three of my San Jacinto College students after a production of Santa’s Christmas Magic while they were still on set and in costume.  I hadn’t used a photo in a card since the year I was in a production of Miracle on 34th Street, and it seemed high time. Without further ado:

Crazy Card 2014 (Copyright E.G.D.)

Crazy Card 2014 (Copyright E.G.D.)

Tada! To explain further: one of my major struggles as a music director for Santa’s Christmas Magic was my attempt to help the cast kick their bad pronunciation habits (it’s easy for people to slip into pronunciation laziness in songs they’ve been singing since they could produce sound!), and my response to repeat offenses was to raise my fist and cry out “FIST SHAKE!” before, once again, pointing out the problem.  Yes, I actually verbalized my physical action, and when my students opt to imitate me, that’s the gesture and phrase they almost always choose.  As you can see, for the sake of the photo, my students were in on the fist-shake action!  Anyhow, I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday season.  Incidentally, next up at San Jacinto College Central this theatrical season is Beauty and the Beast Jr.  I’ll keep you posted!

Holiday Hugs- E.G.D.

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