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Fun Times with Graphic Design

January 31, 2013
Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches (logo art by me, logo text by Kristie McLin)

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches (logo art by me, logo text by Kristie McLin)

As I hope you can tell from this website, I am a pretty competent web-builder and graphic designer.  Today, my mom pointed out the fact that wordpress has taken note of this, too!  I built (and still webmaster) my mother’s website Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches, and wordpress apparently is using the site as an example of how well the Andreas09 template can be used… with about 18 hours worth of CSS manipulation, a good logo, and a seriously awesome photo or twenty.  Part of me is flattered (they refer to the website as “gorgeous,” after all) and the other part of me is a bit irked that they’re trying to sell their extremely cumbersome CSS customizable option (yes, my Mom paid extra for the option, and no they won’t let me alter simple html instead) using my work.  I mean, sheesh, I frankly could have built the site from the ground up faster than I could get the site to look the way I wanted it to using CSS, except for that the wordpress server wouldn’t have supported it.  Still, it feels pretty cool that someone out there recognizes my work as worth using as an example.  If anything, I’m good at problem solving, and I can wrestle with a pre-existing system until I get my own way with it.  In any case, please enjoy this shameless plug for my graphic design abilities and my mom’s website.  If you click the logo, it’ll take you straight there!  Have a great day- E.G.D.

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