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Remembering the Publishing Front

September 23, 2012

My elder sister was recently looking into methods one might use to “sell one’s self” as a human resource product on the internet, and this led me to google myself.  Now, we all know that really, truly weird stuff happens when a person googles herself.  This time around, though, nothing really odd happened.  I did find one extremely old and quirky website a friend of mine posted back in 2001 and that both of us promptly forgot about thereafter (though it is still apparently present and unchanged!  It’s like a time capsule)… that’s beside the point I wanted to make, though.  Nothing odd may have happened in my google searching, but something pleasantly unexpected did: I stumbled upon a guest post I wrote during a Drollerie Press Blog Tour, and I discovered that the fellow ex-Drollerie-author who posted my guest post way back then is doing really well on the publishing front since Drollerie closed.  That has me thinking that perhaps while I am hunting for my dream job in theatre and/or theatre education, it would probably also be a good idea to hunt for a new publishing home for my out-of-print books.  After all, if the first two For Keeps books remain unavailable, how on earth am I going to get people interested in the third?  Anyhow, my start-of-fall resolution is to A) keep up the steady work looking for a good theatre job (and not become discouraged in the process) and B) seriously explore agent and/or publishing options for my complete and completely-edited novels.  Wish me luck and/or figuratively broken limbs!  Also, I am VERY MUCH interested in suggestions on both fronts.  Please feel free to offer advice at will in the comment area below.  Mahalo- E.G.D.

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