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Posting a Paper

September 9, 2012

For the first time in more than a year of filling out job applications, a job to which I am applying requested a link to a sample piece of academic writing.  The reason that most places I have applied did not request such was probably that an MFA is a terminal degree, but it is a practical one, not a paper one (my thesis was three extremely complicated performances that were the culmination of intensive training in very specific styles).  Still, I am actually quite surprised it took this long, in that university professors are usually required to have academic papers and/or books published in order to achieve tenure, and in any case it seems prudent to make sure that a prospective professor can write well enough to clearly state an academic point.  Anyhow, the reason that I am now writing this front-page post is to let anyone who is interested know that the link to the paper I used is available from the sidebar.  If somebody has stumbled upon this paper and would like to cite it for one of their papers, they are welcome to do so, bearing in mind that they must properly cite it.  It would be valid enough in that I am, well and truly, an expert on the subject, and an even greater expert on the subject gave me a good deal of positive margin commentary on it back in 2010 when I submitted it as my final paper for Kabuki Seminar, a 700-level class at the University of Hawaii.  Whoever you may be, though, you may not run off with it wholesale, as it is my work, and all the usual copyrights apply.

Moving on, though, I think it is fun and interesting to note that the application-receiving University for which I posted this paper is NYU… (wait for it)… Abu Dhabi.  Before discovering this job listing, I had no idea there was a branch of NYU in Abu Dhabi.  I do believe that is the most interesting international position to which I have applied since graduating with my MFA, though I’m sure I would have quite fancied that job in Shanghai, had I been hired.  Here’s wishing myself luck and/or figurative broken legs, and in the meantime, I hope they and you enjoy the paper.  -E.G.D.

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  1. September 9, 2012 6:21 pm

    Go to your destiny! 😉

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