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Acknowledging Publishing Purgatory

July 4, 2012

First things first:  Happy Independence Day!  Second things second:

I’ve neglected to mention on the front page of this site that Drollerie Press went out of business in late October of last year, rendering both of my novels with them out-of-print.  It is a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.  For some reason, I spent most of my Independence Day updating bits of my websites and fixing broken links, which brought this to mind.  You see, I followed the links from to the excerpts of Kinlea Keeper and Curse, and of course both of the excerpts had been taken down from the Drollerie website.  It makes sense, given that it’s been a bit more than eight months.  In any case, I fixed the links by posting the excerpts on my own web-space, and I am pleased to announce that I added an excerpt for Anna Marie Anomaly, the third book in the series.  It isn’t an end-all edit of the first 35 pages, but it is the first 35 pages, and I expect that fans of the first two books will enjoy the sneak-peek.

I suppose that my real point, though, is that Kinlea Keeper, who so joyously escaped publishing purgatory in 2009, somehow managed to re-enter publishing purgatory in 2011.  I’ve been (a bit listlessly, I’ll admit) poking at other publishing options since then, though I have been giving my quest to find long-term theatrical employment top priority.  Perhaps once I find a more permanent place in my chosen profession, I can work on finding a more permanent place in my hobby-turned-secondary-profession.  For either and both, I would welcome tips, if you have them.  I find that for the time being, my personal strengths are strangely difficult to sell.  Anyhow, here’s to perseverance and the good old-fashioned American dream- E.G.D.

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