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Theatre Person Seeking Work (the eternal story)

July 30, 2011

Would anyone out there like to hire a competent and well-rounded theatre person?  The only theatre position at which I do not believe I could perform well is head electrician.  Actually, I’m also only a mediocre scenic designer, and I’ve only ever designed lights with a pre-fixed lighting grid, but I’m a fair hand at most everything else, and I am absolutely invaluable during strike (bring on the heavy lifting and the power tools!!).  I act, produce, direct, design, stage manage, and work tech/crew with comparable verve, and I’m even skilled at things like web design and office filing.  I write decent plays.  While we’re at it, I’ve been told I’m an excellent teacher, though I consider teaching a secondary passion to theatre.  I’d take a job teaching theatre, certainly, especially if I could produce, direct, or perform on the side.

Basically, now that I’ve graduated (again), I could really use an outlet, and the market for theatre jobs is a little… saturated may be the best way to describe it.  I’ll admit, this perceived difficulty may have something to do with the fact that I’m job-searching from Albuquerque, NM.  I’ve decided that if I am not hired soon, I’m going to find a place with a good professional theatre community, move there, and audition until I drop.  The hard part is deciding where to go when employment options are so very uncertain world-wide.

I offer myself and my skills up to the theatrical universe.  I’m ready to move, and I’m ready to work creatively and well for a theatre in need of my services.  Here’s crossing my fingers and knocking on wood, and if you’d like to point me in a promising direction, I would be very much obliged.  -E.G.D.

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